Safety Measures Before Going on Ice Fishing Trip

Even though it might not seem like one, ice fishing is pretty dangerous outdoor activity. You go outdoors, in freezing cold and set your camp up on a frozen lake. Sounds to me like crazy dangerous, but some people still do it. And if you are one of the people who don’t think of ice fishing as dangerous sport, you might need some safety lessons to protect yourself and avoid getting into trouble.

First of all, make sure your body is not exposed to any kind of water during your trip. This is obvious, because being exposed to water in freezing cold temperature might seriously hurt your body and even paralyse you. So make sure to have waterproof jacket and ice fishing boots, as well as good warm hat to protect your head and face. And remember, everything manufacturers say is not true, especially with cheap products. They advertise themselves as legitimate clothes manufacturers, but cheap stuff can’t be relied on in dangerous, frozen situations. They will lie and tell you anything to get you to pay for them, but put your cheapness aside and try to highest quality ice fishing gear you can find. This is especially true for shelters, because you spend most of your time inside them, so properly insulated ice fishing shanty can make a huge difference. So go out there and try to find best portable ice fishing shelters for the budget you have. If your budget is too tight, you should consider waiting and saving some more money to buy something decent and reliable.

Other than that, you’ll also need waterproof and windproof golf gloves. Just like feet and our head, our hands and toes are weakest part of our bodies, so they need to be protected.

It’s also a good idea to get portable heaters for ice fishing. Shanties are usually pretty small inside, and it doesn’t take much time or energy to heat it up. You’ll be comfortable and safe, at least when you’re inside. Most heaters usually run on batteries, but i think i’ve seen few which ran on fuel.

And obviously, double check the ice thickness before walking or even riding on it. It might seem silly, but i’ve heard some people don’t even do that.

Good luck with your future ice fishing trips, and remember that amount of fun you have ice fishing exactly depends on time you spend researching trying to buy best ice fishing gear possible.

Importance of choosing good ice fishing boots

A lot of people seek for perfection when they make decisions, but they forget one thing – no matter how hard you try, not everything you do is going to turn out perfect. That’s how it’s been for a long time now, and i doubt it’s going to change.

I’m mentioning this because there are few areas where you can make mistakes, but some ice fishing products are essential, and you need to be certain you’re getting the best product for yourself. Being out there in freezing cold can be extremely dangerous, and ice fishing bibs, boots and other warm clothes are the only things that can protect you. So it can be very costly to make a mistake while choosing clothes for ice fishing.

But personally, i think that not clothes, but it’s ice fishing boots that are the most important. Good ice fishing boots can make your getaway 10 times better, while bad pair of boots can make your life living hell. You’ll know when you find that best ice fishing boots for yourself. They’ll be comfortable, safe and warm, and have every feature you need in order to have fun on your ice fishing getaway.

But also remember that while choosing the best available product is very important, you shouldn’t just buy the most expensive product that salesman is trying to force on you. Sales people get commissions by making you pay more, so you need to be aware of the fact that even though expensive boots are sometimes the best, they’re not always the best option. For example, if there are pair of ice fishing boots for 800$, but you also find a little cheaper, but still great pair of boots for 80$, which one should you buy? I think the answer is obvious. True, cheap boots might not be the best out there, but you can replace them ten times for the same price as you’d pay for overpriced product, and i doubt those super expensive ice fishing boots are going to last that much longer than the affordable one.

So, to sum up, i think that ice fishing boots are just great products to invest in, and i hope i won’t sound very subjective when i say that they are the most important part of ice fishing gear. Sure, you’ll also need shelters, some warm clothes and other minor accessories, but boots are something that can’t be replaced.

There are few key features that all ice fishing boots must have. Being

waterproof is one of them, and so are comfortable fit and high quality materials. If ice fishing boots don’t properly fit, buying them will simply be waste of time and money. Always make sure to get feedback from your friends who own the ice fishing boots or ice fishing boots reviews online about the product. There might be some things you need to know, and there are no ways to get the real understanding of a ice fishing boots rather than reading what actual customers had to say about them.

Ice Fishing on Tight budget

Lots of my friends are currently interested in ice fishing, but there’s one same thing that stops them from pursuing their interest of this hobby – lack of funds. Ice fishing gear is pretty expensive to buy, especially if you’re buying everything all at once. I can’t give everyone money, but i can give something more useful – advice that can help them save on expensive ice fishing shelters, boots, suits and other products. I don’t do this to avoid answering my friends’ questions, but to make this topic more clear and accessible by everyone. I want to help people enjoy their free time, whether it is spent ice fishing or doing anything else. But choosing the best ice fishing boots, shelters is what i know about, so that’s what i’m going to talk about in this post.

How to buy ice fishing gear for cheap

First off, obvious one – wait for deals. I know it might sound cliche, but shopping holidays like black friday and cyber monday can be really good time to buy discounted ice fishing products. First, because ice fishing gear is cheaper, and second, it’s perfect time to buy them. These events are right in the end of november, which is basically start of ice fishing season. You can also search for deals together with your friends, i know it doesn’t sound fun, i didn’t for me either.

I know for certain that online stores like Amazon usually have great deals on ice fishing products, but as far as i know, same goes for retail stores as well.

Second option is to consider buying used ice augers and other minor accessories. Those things don’t break or tear easily, and you won’t really notice much difference. But price gap between used and new ice augers is very high. I wouldn’t recommend to do same with clothes or boots though, because they’re not that expensive and personally, i dont like wearing second hand clothes. If you’re into it, great, that’s another easy way to cut off excessive budget. But i would try looking for affordable ice fishing bibs, which are basically combination of ice fishing pants and jacket.

Third way to save money is to share some stuff, like, for example ice fishing shelter. You most likely won’t need it everyday, so instead of keeping it unused, you can let your friend use it. If you agree that it’s shared and both of you are eligible to it, you can split the cost and you can get ice fishing shanty for much cheaper price than it originally cost.

And the last – ask famous brands like Camil or Frabill discounts in exchange for reviews. I’ve read many ice fishing reviews that end with disclaimer that they got ice fishing boots or shelter for free or with huge discount, in exchange for review. I haven’t tried it myself, but since so many people are doing it, it must be legitimate way to get big discounts on ice fishing products. I hope this helped, good luck.

Great Tips for Beginner Fisherman

Go to the fly that is local and tackle shop. Invest some time there and talk to the folks that work-there. Chances are they understand the fishing around there such as the back of these hands. They mightn’t inform you their solution fishing areas right away, however they’ll me more than happy to place you in the appropriate way, bond some of the latest media, and show you the flies that function the very best there. A lot of the important points of fishing are nearby. Some tactics work better in some places than others. Same with land sizes and fly styles.

It can also pay dividends to engage an expert fishing guide to consider you out to get a time. They will take care of you and do their finest to acquire you into fish of course if you pay attention you’re able to understand a whole lot concerning the lake, the seafood, and strategy and you may just keep coming back the next day/week/year and implement whatever you learned.

Obviously several of those are specific to fly fishing, but remember that fishing is neither a match, or a battle. It is most quickly appreciated once you find seafood, but it could be just like fulfilling should you not.

Regarding this assistance about fly fishing… As a starter UNLESS you have a skilled fly fisherman to instruct you this relatively intricate fishing style don’t take up fly fishing. And it’s really not really a skill you study using one journey being a starter to the game of fishing. Seeking this model without expertise or direction is simply establishing up yourself for dissatisfaction and failure.
Stay with light to ultralight spinning or spin casting equipment with 8 to 10 lb. test monofilament or co-polymer line. Assuming you’re not seeking muskies or stripers, you ought to be fine with this particular setup for most Us gamefish.
Stick with live bait for a while. Move to artificial lures if not fly when you begin increasing confidence inside your skills, fishing, or it is possible to stick with live trap permanently if you wish. Live bait is a good method to learn demonstration and patience.
Hire helpful tips if you can afford it. A great manual will require you out on a boat and coach you on superior strategies to follow the overall game fish they specialize in. The knowledge you’ll obtain from a getaway with an experienced angler would be the paving stones on your own way to being a successful fisherman, to put it poetically.
Keep a record. Note what sort of fish you found, some time of year, the temperature of the water, the weather circumstances, the wind direction, the bait and undertake you used, how heavy you caught the fish, the understanding of the water, etc. These points can help you remember what worked and what didn’t. Fish are animals of pattern, and realizing that which was effective on-one day can be repeated at another moment.
Keep your equipment and tactics simple, preserve a low-profile, be hidden and quiet, and keep centered and observant. Realize that you’ll have times if you are convinced you’ll find no seafood in water’s body you fished all-day. Those times occur irrespective of how long you have been fishing. Then turn into a professional fisherman if finding bass is the most significant matter and forget using it like a pastime. As you are able to, exercise catch and discharge as much. Preserve only the people you understand you’ll eat and no more in case you preserve bass. Follow the laws. Don’t engage in actions like drinking when you’re fishing. Care for your gear. Above-all, make sure you experiencing of investing a-day outdoors in nature, the pleasure and are having fun.